An Introduction

As I’ve never quite known how to start these things off, I’ll just jump in. I’m Angharad, or at least that’s what I’m going by here. I’m deliberately using a pseudonym for this blog because, while I’m starting to explore a side of myself that I’ve always kept in the dark, it’s not something I’m currently ready to tell everyone I know about. I was raised in the semi-conservative Christian church (mainline conservative, not evangelical-affiliated, though in practice, there was an awful lot of evangelicalism floating around the community). As an adult, I eventually found myself in the Anglican church in a community that acknowledges the Divine Feminine, welcomes LGBTQ people, and respects nature. But that still wasn’t quite enough; there was something missing for me. So I recently took a big step outside the fence into paganism and witchcraft.

I’m a beginner, very much so. For the moment I’m settling in as a Solitary Eclectic witch. There is a strong pagan community in the area, with numerous options for practice, but I’m sorting out what this all means to me and what I want my practice to be. I do plan to attend the local pagan festival this fall and start exploring the community then.

So now I read, I research, I buy candles, I plant seeds, and I think. My spiritual practice still includes Christianity so I’d probably technically be called a Christo-Pagan but the two things are mostly separate for now. I find meaning and spiritual connection in the Anglican church through the liturgy and the Eucharist, and I find meaning and spiritual connection in nature and praying to the Goddess. And that’s enough for now.



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