Time to Realign


There were plans to write more here earlier this week. Those plans were derailed when Beowulf and I both contracted the stomach flu that Eowyn had had late last week. She threw up a few times over the course of a couple days, slept a lot, refused to drink the child rehydration juice, and then was okay. But Sunday evening, after a lovely bike ride and a stop by the park to watch the Morris dancers and join in the Maypole for a bit (our city council decided to do May Day for a week and finish up on Mother’s Day), Beowulf became violently ill.

I followed a couple hours later. Fortunately for us, Eowyn went to sleep without much fuss and stayed asleep the whole night, so we could take turns in the bathroom and then lie in bed hoping to doze a bit before the next bout hit us. The next morning, neither of us wanted to move, but we could keep water down again, finally. I tried the rehydration juice and found myself agreeing with Eowyn’s assessment of it. I still made myself drink some, since I’m an adult. We spent that day watching cartoons with Eowyn, who was very tolerant of her parents’ inability to function. I missed my friend’s funeral and had to cancel a doctor’s appointment for Eowyn. But now I’ve seen the Aristocats far more times than I ever wanted to.

By Wednesday we were both firmly on the mend, but easily exhausted by things that normally don’t trouble us. My plans to get started writing about my thoughts on the big blue book of Wicca and my reaction to a really insightful post from Patheos are still just that: plans. My altar is a mess, since Eowyn spotted the dried lavender in a bowl on it and went to town. I have done no rituals or spells this week, though I did find myself asking Brigid for help to get through the annual general meeting for our parent participation preschool last night. I made it, partly because the meeting was unnaturally short for such things, which I hope is an omen for future preschool meetings.

My paganism research and exploration has been limited to Pinterest and Etsy this week. I had energy for looking at pretty pictures. Pretty pictures are good things. However, now it’s time to tidy up the altar and do more than that. I regrounded myself a little today when Eowyn and I went to the park and spent some time with the trees, but I’m still feeling out of it. I don’t know precisely what I need, but it’ll probably include fire.


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