2016-06-20 17.48.11

Yesterday was Litha. The Solstice. Midsummer.

This was my second sabbat since my deliberate move towards paganism (rather than the slow drifting I was doing before). Like on Beltane, I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with the day, so I went with figuring it out as I went.

I tidied up the altar and changed it around. I haven’t yet made an official altar cloth, but I grabbed a yellow dishcloth (I’m turning into a bit of a kitchen witch, so it seemed appropriate), made a new pentacle with a light green ribbon and an embroidery hoop, picked some flowers, and rearranged the candles and stones a bit. I made a small goddess figure out of polymer clay a few weeks ago so she went on the altar, too.

And I baked. I pulled out a recipe I ran across last year for savoury, spicy cookies called “sun coins” and made a batch. One of the sun coins went in a bowl on the altar. I’m not at all used to the tradition of offering physical objects to the gods like that, but I’m trying it out.Then I made a cornmeal-spelt-olive oil cake with a basil and lemon glaze for my knitting group tonight. It’s round and yellowish, like the sun and moon.

Today was briefly sunny here in our town; I went out earlier on an errand and got to drive over a bridge that gave me an excellent view of the mountains meeting the clouds and sky. Then the grey clouds came back. I’m admittedly grateful for them; our summer last year was horribly dry and more rain this year is a welcome blessing. But I’ve had to make my own sunshine for Litha this time, with the cake and the cookies and the yellow on my altar.

Then there was the butterfly.

It had gotten itself into my bedroom and was fluttering frantically at the window, trying to get out. I had to catch it in a jar and let it loose outside. It soared out immediately and I was amazed by how swiftly it moved.

I’m not sure what kind it was; it was dark brown and orange, which could be one of probably at least a dozen species in this area.

But it felt like it meant something. It was trapped, and I set it free.

After that, I went to knitting group, and we shared cake and cookies and talked about making things and I shared some of my pain over Orlando, and talked about taking a table at Pagan Pride to sell jewelry and masks with a friend. It was good.

On the way home, the skies had cleared, the sun was still setting, but the moon had risen and it was magnificent.


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