So, there was a sabbat nearly two weeks ago. I kind of planned to do something. I ended up making sweet bread and taking it to knitting group to share. I just wasn’t quite feeling it for the ritual part, so despite my best intentions, I didn’t put together a Lughnasadh altar

I’m struggling with the fact that I can’t just set up my altar and have it stay there, because the space currently available for it is within Eowyn’s reach. I have to do something and then put everything away so she won’t break things. Not to mention, we have family visiting next weekend, and I will need to make sure all of it’s put away, because I’m not ready to have that conversation with them. Most of it’s already put away. I still have The Spiral Dance on my nightstand, since that can wait to go into the closet until next Friday night (literally), and I’m working my way through the book. But I already put away Futhark, which I’ve been using to teach myself some rune basics, and Wicca in the Kitchen, which is sometimes hilarious and sometimes interesting, and sometimes both.

The concept of celebrating the harvest, or the beginning of the harvest, this early in the year is new to me. It makes sense, since I’ve certainly been benefiting from the local farmer’s market for the last couple months, and some of my reading in The Spiral Dance has talked about the God and the sacrifice of the grain – the God who lives and dies and is reborn, symbolizing the death and rebirth cycle of nature.

It’s a familiar story, but new at the same time, as I find myself shedding more and more of the faith that I grew up in. I go to church with Beowulf and I sit there listening to a homily about being “ready” for when you die and face your maker, and I realize, “I don’t believe that anymore.” I’m not sure what I think about reincarnation, but there are aspects of it that make far more sense to me than the one life followed by the afterlife model.

Perhaps next year I will feel more able to connect with Lughnasadh, but right now, I think I will find it easier to reach out and participate in Mabon and celebrate the equinox, and let Lughnasadh be until next time.


4 thoughts on “Lughnasadh/Lammas

    1. I’m so new to all this that while some of it feels very instinctive and normal and I can get it into it, other parts don’t. Lughnasadh was one of those moments this year. I’m hoping next year it will feel more relevant to me.

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  1. I really enjoyed your post. I have become more and more drawn towards paganism over the past few years. My belief system is pretty eclectic as I am spiritually-minded, I am drawn to angels but also to aspects of Buddhism, I believe completely in reincarnation and the more I read about paganism, the more I click with it. I have green men and hares all over my garden and home and love to celebrate the seasons. I haven’t quite started to make altars but I have crystals on my windowsill and like to smudge and use incense.
    I agree with Christine’s comment that as the years pass we connect more with certain things. That would explain my interest in paganism too. I look forward to reading more as you follow the pagan path. I have a feeling you will inspire me in many ways. 🙂


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