Samhain started off early this morning with an extremely bizarre dream that involved pregnancy, serious illness, potential death, gender-shifting, evil people, and good people. Either my brain was just having a great time being weird, or it means something. I hit the alarm a few times, then realized we had less than half an hour before Eowyn needed to be at preschool and stuffed the dream into the back of my mind to mull on later.

When I got home from dropping Eowyn off, I took the time to do my Samhain ritual then, while I was the only one home. I feel less self-conscious when I don’t have an audience, particularly since I was improvising this ritual. I went with what felt right, rather than going off of someone else’s script.

So I inscribed one medium-sized purple candle with jera and eihwaz, for the cycle of nature and the mystery of death, and lit it and set it on my altar. I lit tea lights for ancestors and teachers. One tea light was for a specific person, since they’re the most recent and immediate ancestor who has died, one was for those ancestors and relatives who have died and that I either did not know or did not know well, and one was for those people who I have learned from who have died. I lit some incense wood and let it burn for a few minutes. I spoke about how I remembered them, honoured them, and thanked them for what they have passed on to me. As I stepped away from the altar, the spider who lives in the lamp just beneath that shelf crawled up the lamp shade so I could see it.

I let the candles burn while I was at home and then blew them out (wanting to use my breath rather than the candle snuffer) before I went to pick up Eowyn. I’ll light them again periodically through the week until they’re burnt out.

Tonight we’re going trick-or-treating with some friends. It’s Eowyn’s first time, since our Halloween party is usually on the 31st. This year we bumped it to the 29th so it would be on the weekend. I’ll probably take her over to the wall where the pictures of my grandmother are and tell her a bit about her great-grandma (who wanted to be called GG by her great-grandkids). Maybe next year, we’ll tell more stories about those who have gone before us, and she’ll be able to contribute her thoughts, too.


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