Why yes, Imbolc was a few weeks ago. Here we are, halfway to Ostara, and I just haven’t made the time for blog posts lately. I re-dressed the altar with orange candles and set the seed packets I’ve bought for the garden up there, but didn’t get much done other than that. Well, and lighting candles, but my default seems to involve setting things on fire. I have a painting involving Brigid planned for when I can sit down and work without being interrupted by a tiny human, but said tiny human got sick with a mild version of chickenpox around Imbolc (and thank science we have vaccines or she almost certainly would have fared worse than a mild rash that she barely seemed to notice), and then when she was better, she brought home a really nasty cold from preschool and shared it with us and that derailed things a bit.

I did break out the BFL fiber I bought at Knit City back in October and started spinning that up, since it seemed fitting for the sabbat. It’s very pretty: plum with hints of green and grey. And it’s BFL, which is lovely to spin. Eowyn was fascinated and kept trying to help by sticking things in the wheel as it was spinning.

In the spirit of Brigid, who is a goddess who makes and heals, I have been doing what one of my friends calls “Finishuary.” The month of February is dedicated to completing craft projects. I finished a quilt yesterday, one that had just been waiting for the binding. Next on the list: Beowulf’s gaming bag. It’s been on the list for a while, all the pieces are cut out, and it’s all straight seams except for the zipper, but I just haven’t gotten to it. But I plan to make sure it ceases to taunt me this weekend. I’ve also been working on the second of a pair of socks that are for someone else and have been taking a while. I’m nearly to the gusset and the heel and I’m deliberately picking it up more frequently, rather than letting it languish. The sooner it’s done, the sooner it can wend its way to its recipient.

And now I’m already starting to think about Ostara. I’m participating in a pagan group on Ravelry that has a Wheel of the Year swap going, and I need to start putting together the Ostara package for my partner. I have wooden eggs to paint in pysanka patterns (not quite ready to try proper pysanky), and I just started a couple more herbs in pots on the windowsill. (This despite the fact that snow is on the forecast for tomorrow).

A blessed Imbolc season, and I hope the beginnings of spring are bringing good cheer with them.



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