Ostara: Preparing for Spring


It is strange to be preparing for the coming of spring when there’s still snow in my yard, yesterday’s weather was a constant mix of rain and snow, and while today is sunny, the weather report predicts more snow over the next few days. Beowulf arrived home after a walk through the snow the other day and declared that it was “friggin’ March!”

I’ve been doing what I can to look forward to spring: I have seedlings started indoors for a few herbs and vegetables; there are green and yellow candles on the kitchen table; and I started setting the altar for the coming season. Eowyn keeps trying to water flowers indoors with a toy watering can, despite the number of times I tell her that the carpet shouldn’t be sprouting things, and it seems like she asks to plant flowers every other day. We painted wooden eggs with pysanky-inspired designs. One with spirals went on my altar, the others roam around the house as Eowyn deems fit.

I switched out the background on my computer for a piece of Ostara-themed art, which is one of my ways of keeping track of the sabbats. I’m putting together an Ostara package for my swap partner for the Wheel of the Year swap on Ravelry that I’m participating in.

And yet, it still looks like winter outside. The rain is normal for us, but the snow is not. The moments of sunshine today only lasted a short while.

But the crocuses and snowdrops are blooming. A few trees are starting to bud new leaves. Spring is coming soon, and despite the strangeness of the weather, “winter’s on the wing.”


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