Ostara – Happy Equinox, everyone!

My Ostara has been a lead-up of several days to the equinox itself. It started when my package from the Wheel of the Year swap on Ravelry arrived. I sent mine off a couple weeks ago and found myself absolutely delighted that I was sending something to a witch in Salem, MA. The person who got my name is from Germany and she sent me some absolutely lovely things for the sabbat.


The yarn is super-pretty and I’m currently sorting through the sock patterns I have to see what seems right for it. The mini-flowerpot didn’t survive the trip (there was a big dent on one side of the package), but the seeds and the disc of compressed earth that went with it did, so I planted those in a jam jar and stuck it on the altar, by the rabbit statue and the egg candle. I’m lighting the egg candle a little later today.

The chocolate and tea are, of course, already gone.

I spent time out in the garden yesterday, trimming and weeding and then transplanting a few things, which seemed fitting. The weather seems to be warming up enough that I’m not worried about killing the onions I just planted. And I went to Fibres West, the local spring fiber festival, and picked up a few things for spinning. Now I have to figure out how to process silk cocoons.

And then Beowulf’s grandfather died yesterday. It wasn’t unexpected, as his health’s been failing for some time, and we had originally planned to visit today and say goodbye. Now we’re heading over to the island on Friday instead, for the funeral.

I didn’t know him well; Beowulf and I have been together for eleven years and I’ve met his grandfather once in all that time. He wasn’t terribly close, but he’s still sad, and not sure how to respond. I’m sad for him and his family, who are more affected by this than I am. So I’m going to light a candle on the altar for him tonight, and see what I can do later this week to help the rest of the family.

Death and life; the winter has ended, spring is come. The cycle continues.





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